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Get Ready Cedar Mill, Spring Storms Are Here!

4/23/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Get Ready Cedar Mill, Spring Storms Are Here! Don't let this be you!

Are you prepared? Here's a few tips to get you and your home ready for possible storm damage, and ways to keep your family safe!

1. Remove Dead Wood.

Trimming your trees regularly will help fewer branches fall in heavy wind or other severe weather. For particularly tall trees, experts can do the trimming for you and can also tell you when trees are at risk of being blown over in a storm so they can be removed.

2. Secure Outdoor Items.

Loose items like grills, picnic tables, and lawn furniture should be brought inside to avoid becoming projectiles in storms with high winds. Decorations, even when they are securely attached to the home, could also cause damage or be destroyed in the storm.

3. Deal with Drainage Problems.

Having the gutters cleaned once leaves have fallen should be a given, but there can be other drainage problems around your home, including areas where water can drain onto the foundation and damage it. Landscaping professionals can help you identify the problems and find solutions so that you don’t have any issues when the storms come.

4. Inspect Roof Periodically.

A brand new roof should withstand most severe weather, but if your roof is 5-10 years old or older, it should be checked for loose shingles, nails and sheathing. Not only can shingles blow off in a storm, but loose nails and sheathing can cause chunks of roofing to be dislodged or create openings for rain and ice to penetrate.

If an inspection does turn up any possible leaks, getting them fixed right away will protect your home from damage in severe weather. Roofs that are over 15 years old risk sudden deterioration or failure in storm situations even if no problems are apparent.

5. Consider Impact-Rated Windows.

You may be able to protect your windows from damage by installing hurricane shutters, or just boarding up the windows if a severe storm is imminent. The fact is, though, that any new windows are likely to be more airtight and impervious to leaks and damage than older windows.

SERVPRO of Cedar Mill/ Oak Hills can help you prepare your home to withstand storm damage, and if the worst does happen, we can help you repair the damage and get your home looking better than new. Call us at (503) 619-6198 to schedule your  free estimate.

Ride Along Job

4/19/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Ride Along Job Richie arriving at the client's house

Today I went along with Richie one of our technician into the field to see what it is, exactly, that he does for his job. We arrived at the client’s home, came inside their house to inspect what is the source of the problem is. The client gave us the run down of what the people from Dr. Crawlspace had relay to her, Richie listened and diagnosed the problem after he checked under the kitchen sink. When it doesn’t seem like there is any dripping coming from the sink, Richie determined that the problem lies underneath the house.

We then move to the crawlspace of the house to check for any kind of moisture, wetness, or mold. Richie went down there to brave the darkness and coldness by himself as I stood upstairs to make sure I can get to him if he gets stuck in the crawlspace.

After about ten to fifteen minutes, Richie resurfaced and had found the source of the problem. There seems to be a broken pipe that is continuously shooting water everywhere. There are puddles in various places, he tried shutting off one of the main valve but nothing happened, and unfortunately he also spotted mold in spots. After showing pictures of what he had found, and explaining what happened to the client, he proceed to talk about the procedure that needs to happen next in order for him to restore their house into its former glory. First and foremost, he needs to shut off the water for the entire house, then he can go back into the crawlspace and dry out as much water as he can, after that a plumber can come in and fix the pipe, and then after all of that is done, Richie can begin his process in fixing the client’s house.

It was such a great opportunity for me to ride along with Richie and learn about what he does so I have a better understanding of what it is SERVPRO’s services do. Thank you for the awesome learning experience!

Mold? What mold problem? Things that you don’t know about mold that can harm your home

4/12/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold? What mold problem? Things that you don’t know about mold that can harm your home Got mold?

Mold can be a very intrusive and destructive invader, it deteriorates your home making it lose its value and beauty. But what can you do if you don’t even know that you have mold? Well here are a few steps that you could do once in a while to make sure you don’t have this pesky problem in your home.
Step 1: Determine the moisture level in your home
As mentioned before, mold can be very intrusive, especially because it’s stealthy about it’s invasion into your home. To prevent this from happening, first determine what type of moisture is in the nooks and crannies of your home. After that, see how the moisture is created and where it comes from, and then take necessary steps to prevent the moisture from coming back.
Step 2: Make plans for remediation and document the mold as you go
Take pictures or videos of any mold affected area in your home so that the service crew can refer to it as they devise your remediation plan that will restore your home to its former glory.
Step 3: Call SERVPRO of Cedar Mill/ Oak Hills
Give us a call as soon as possible so we can limit the damage that is being done to your home. Contact us at (503) 619-6198!

Clean away those ducts because it’s allergy season

4/10/2018 (Permalink)

Cleaning Clean away those ducts because it’s allergy season Duct Cleaning! It’s good for you!

Spring is here, and your ducts have been gathering dust and allergens all winter! Duct cleaning can be useful and should be done to keep everyone in your home healthy and happy!
New homes can be at risk too. If you just recently moved into a new house, there might be debris leftover from the workers who recently built the house, so cleaning out all the potentially nasty things in your ducts after moving in to a new home or after having a renovation in your house is generally a good idea.
If you find traces of any animals living in your ducts, then it’s certainly time to think about cleaning it! Animals can leave droppings and other various debris that you don’t want in your ducts. Mold can also be present, so it’s always it a good idea to start off your Spring Cleaning with a good ole Duct scrub!

Spring forward and get a head start on your Spring Cleaning!

4/5/2018 (Permalink)

As Spring is slowly creeping its way back into our lives, we must say goodbye to the chilly weather of Winter to make room for the waves of warmth that will be blanketing over us. With Spring coming, many people are in their preparations for Spring cleaning spree. The carpets will need to be scrubbed from all the dirty and grimy substances that has been collecting over the course of the year, the window sills need to be cleanoff from the layers of dust that have been accumulating, the molds around the house need to be hosed off to prevent more slippery surfaces, etc.

All of these duties are quite important in order to upkeep your home in order to keep its value high in the market, but let’s face it, with the high demands at our jobs, the kids that need to go to soccer practice, and the unending list of chores that already need to be done regularly at the house, one could not fit in extra time to do Spring Cleaning. Luckily, SERVPRO provides quite a long list of services that could satisfied your Spring Cleaning needs for a low low price, great customer service, and amazing end products. For more information regarding pricing, call us at (503) 619 6198.

Give your life the Power Washing it desperately need!

3/28/2018 (Permalink)

Cleaning Give your life the Power Washing it desperately need! The Power of Power Washing

As spring slowly creeps its way into our lives, there are many things to do as we prepare for what’s to come. More and more green will appear, one would think that the greener the planet gets, the better, but there are some danger that lurks around in midst of all this green.

You will start to notice more that moss will appear more and more around your house. With that mossy green pestering your house, it will slowly deteriorate your home making it lose its value in the long run. Moss that grows on your driveway and concrete walkways is incredibly dangerous and slippery. Here at SERVPRO, we recommend those pesky mossy green as soon as possible. Power washing is a fast and efficient way of removing moss out one’s driveway, it requires little to no effort and will make things in life so much easier. For more information on Power Washing and how we can help, give us a call at (503) 619 6198 

Bethany Presbyterian Church Shoutout!

3/28/2018 (Permalink)

Community Bethany Presbyterian Church Shoutout! Basket of delectable Easter Eggs!

Happy Easter to one and all, hope everyone have had a wonderful time over this weekend to spend with their family and friends. We here at SERVPRO Cedar Mill have enjoyed spending time with our friends and family this weekend scavenge for eggs, tasting delicious homemade meals, and just appreciating the company of our love ones.

This past week, I got the chance to visit one of the local church near us just before Easter. They are the most quaint, and friendly church that I have ever got the pleasure of visiting. The Bethany Presbyterian Church welcomed me with open arms as I walk passed the doors. This Sunday, the church will be having their Easter Service as per usual, talking about how Jesus rises from the grave after three days. It was a miracle and miraculous that He risen, dying for our sins, and delivered us from evil. The service will be very educational and motivational as usual, and we hope that they have a successful sermon from their pastor. Definitely a place worth stopping by for Easter Sunday!

Happy National Puppy Day! Hope everyone’s week is ter-RUFF-ic.

3/22/2018 (Permalink)

Community Happy National Puppy Day! Hope everyone’s week is ter-RUFF-ic. Happy Puppy Day!

For this year’s puppy day, we are looking at a couple of our local animal shelters to see their efforts in tending and caring to the animal’s needs. These shelters have been a safe haven for various types of animal throughout the years, and we would like to shine a spotlight on their hard work and dedication in finding the animals a safe place to live.

Founded in 1988, Jonnie Hart has funding from the Portland Miniature Schnauzer club to help find new home for Schnauzers. Although one misconception is that they only take miniature Schnauzers, the organization actually take Schnauzers of all sizes. They are a non-profit organization that have been running by volunteers in the past 25 years, operating out of foster homes scattered throughout Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.  In the earlier years, with the local effort they placed about twelves dogs per year, and then the internet appeared. The exposure gave them a chance to relocate up to 58 dogs in 1995. Now, they place about twenty to fifty dogs annually.

Bonnie L. Hays Animal Shelter has staff that cared for about 4000 stray, abandoned and neglected animals just last year. They are open six days a week to the public, and feed and care for animals 365 days a year. If you turn in a lost animal to them, they try their hardest to find its home. Last year alone, they helped reunited over 1200 dogs and cats to their families. If the animal’s parents doesn’t want them anymore, the shelter works their hardest with other local shelters and rescues in Oregon to find a suitable home for the animals.

So for this National Puppy Day, we’d like to celebrate all the furry friends that are in your lives, as well as ours. May their amazing personalities continue to warm our hearts and spice up our lives. If you don’t have that special furry friend in your lives, why not come down to one of your local shelters and finally adopting that one true friend that you have been missing in your life.

For more information, go check out their websites.

Miniature Schnauzer Rescue

Bonnie L Hays animal shelter

Fun in the Sun! Westview's marching band and color guard heads to Disneyland!

3/20/2018 (Permalink)

Community Fun in the Sun! Westview's marching band and color guard heads to Disneyland! Cheer on for the Westview's marching band

All eyes are turning on the Westview school’s marching band as they prepare for their long awaited trip to Disneyland in mid April. The marching band and color guards will be participate in the Disney soundtrack as they make their way through Main Street USA of Disneyland itself. The band has been making various preparations for this event ever since the start of their school year. The trip will be lasting for four days as they prepare for one of the most incredible experience in their lives, playing along with some of the Disney starts as they march down the park for all to see. Fun in the sun will be ensure, but their talent are what we are all really here for. We hope for safe travels for the marching band, and that they will have the time of their lives in California! 

PS: Don't forget your sunblock! 

Tips on how to protect your house from storms, hurricanes and tornadoes

3/13/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Tips on how to protect your house from storms, hurricanes and tornadoes Prevent your house from looking like this.

Living in the Pacific Northwest, away from the coast, one rarely see or hear about a wind storm that could go up to an EF5 (Enhanced Fujita scale), but the few wind storms that did hit a few years back left the affected houses in pieces. For future protections against wind storms, here are some ways that you can prepare your house for what's to come: 

  1. Take inventory of your supplies
  2. Make sure your house has doors that can withstand some beating.
  3. Fortify your garage door.
  4. Strengthen your roof.
  5. Shutter your windows.
  6. Pin down your home
  7. Take shelter from the storm

Although the likelihood of an EF5 storm is low, it is always good to be prepare for when an actual wind storm hits.