What our Customers say...


SERVPRO was very friendly, fast and efficient. They quickly came to our house, explained what it needs and was very polite to answer all our questions. Christopher was especially the best. Thanks to Chris and everyone at SERVPRO to help us with our restoration. I highly recommend.

Five stars to Jayson's crew of people for helping with the water damage from when a tree branch put a hole in my roof. It rained and I had water coming into one of the bedrooms through the ceiling fan! It dried out with no damage to my drywall or ceiling and the ceiling fan wasn't even damaged. Thank you!

"Jason came to the rescue when we discovered a significant water leak / damage issue at a family member's home. He was able to quickly locate the problem and start the remediation process. He was professional, personable, and knowledgeable."

"From my daughter's initial conversation with Jayson, to John and Kyle coming out to the residence to do the work, and Chelsea's scheduling, our experience with SERVPRO could not have been better! These people are great, very impressed!"

Jayson and his crews were awesome. He works really fast from the moment we mentioned the problem, and was able to mitigate the problems in our flooded floor and crawlspace. His crews are also excellent and we feel we are taken care. I should also say, he looks like Jason Sudeikis appearance and personality wise in a way that he is funny and easy to work with/talk to. So, if you want a top-notch guy who happens to look like a celebrity remediate your water issue, I would definitely call SERVPRO of Cedar Mill.

Jayson is absolutely the best! I was in a situation where I needed immediate advice on moisture in my walls from contractor not tarping my roof properly. Jayson came right over, with all his fancy laser meters??and put me at ease!! He was full of knowledge about lath and plaster which I NEEDED! Once my construction is over, I’ll have his team back to give my home a complete CLEANING. Walls, carpets, oak flooring, tile, everything ?? Customer for life! (He also paints!) 

Jayson and his crew are just who you want on a day of a crisis when your living room floor has turned into a swimming pool. They were kind and reassuring in a very stressful time. They got to our house in less than an hour from when we called. Through their tireless efforts, long hours and expertise they were able to save not only our carpet but our subfloor as well despite 4 days of flooding in a vacant house. I hope you never have to deal with a flood but if you do this is the number you want to call.

Jayson and his crew with SERVPRO were very professional and quick to help with my situation. I'd recommend this service to anyone who lives in the area. 

Richie, Mckenzie, and Jayson went completely above and beyond to make my ancient, disgusting old office crawl space ready for a full remodel. Their expertise and guidance was priceless. Would not hesitate to call them again!

They were quick to respond to our needs and followed up consistently to ensure that the water damage was remedied.

We discovered that our dishwasher had been leaking the day before Christmas and Jayson responded the same day. He recommended drying equipment and got the job done in a few days.
We would highly recommend him and would work with him again!

I had a major roof leak during a heavy rain storm. Called SERVPRO. They came out within 3 hours of my call to start protecting my belongings and assessing the damages. They did a great job of talking me through the dryout process and keeping me informed about everything that needed to be done to make sure all the moisture was removed. Did I mention the leak occurred a week before Christmas. SERVPRO came out every day (except Christmas Day) to check on the drying process. I chose to use them for the rebuild is well. They put everything back together in better than before condition. We are very pleased with how everything turned out. They were very efficient. Everything was dried out and put back together within three weeks of the event. Given the size of the leak, and the fact that occurred over the holidays, we were expecting a much longer timeframe. This was one of the benefits of using SERVPRO for both the dry out and the rebuild. The whole process was seamless.

Easy to work with and very good at what they do! I would recommend these guys to anyone!

The company was most considerate of the family need to be in and out of the impacted space during the work process and to be fully considerate of our need to maintain residency as they accomplished their tasks.

I had seen the ads on TV so my first call when I discovered the flood was to SERVPRO. I am so happy I did.

Jayson was here every day to monitor the progress of the dry-out and move machines to target harder to dry areas.

The work was excellent and we were very pleased with how responsive and professional the team was.

Under the leadership of Jason Carley, the company was professional in every way, prompt in response and action, thorough in attention to detail.

Jayson made a really bad Situation better with his responsiveness - on a Sunday- and calm professionalism.

Jayson with SERVPRO did an excellent job determining what needed to be done after our entire downstairs got soaked with water. 

Communication between service provider and myself was outstanding. Work done was completed in time discussed and quality of work was very good. Will be using this company again for further projects needed.

Jose was on time and very professional. He did a great job and was flexible and fast.


We appreciate the good work, prompt response, and courteous help with a small but, for us, important job!

Five Stars! quick and friendly service, would recommend!

Jayson and team did a fantastic job of getting our church (Harvest Community Church) cleaned up when we had a large water spill. The work was excellent and we were very pleased with how responsive and professional the team was. Easy to work with and very good at what they do! I would recommend these guys to anyone!

Jayson and his crew were quick to respond, honest and thorough.

After helping fix a water leak under our house below the kitchen sink, Jayson with his SERVPRO and Majic teams was able to seamlessly transition into rebuilding our kitchen better than it was before.

Jayson and his team have been an absolute joy to work with!

Amazing Service!!

I was confident in the knowledge and professionalism of the SERVPRO® Franchise’s on-site personnel who performed the services at my home or place of business.

I am satisfied with SERVPRO's overall service!

SERVPRO's personnel were on time, courteous and addressed my concerns.

Hard working, dedicated, and courteous crew. Office personnel are kind, compassionate, and aim to please.


Jayson helped address a leak that sprung under our kitchen in our crawl space quickly and effectively. After calling the general SERVPRO hotline on a Saturday, I was told I would be contacted on Monday. To my surprise, I received a call within 15 minutes from Jayson saying he could meet the very next day to check out the leak and set up a plan to get it resolved. Within the next couple days, the leaky pipe was replaced, the mess was cleaned up, and dryers and dehumidifiers were set up to remove any remaining moisture. The SERVPRO employees were kind and communicated when they were coming over to work in the house and when they were leaving. Jayson and his team performed at a high standard and gave me confidence during an unfortunate situation.

Jayson from SERVPRO was friendly and professional. He helped us through a nightmarish situation caused by a leaking refrigerator. This is the first place to go for addressing those "What happened"? moments.

Dedicated office staff, compassionate and hardworking production crew.

The SERVPRO's office staff was polite and courteous throughout the entire process!

The cleaning project for the emergency services needed was performed and I was extremely satisfied!

I was impressed by the SERVPRO professionals that performed services at my residence!

SERVPRO's on-site personnel were prompt, courteous and attentive to my concerns.

I would recommend SERVPRO to my friends, family, and colleagues!

All 10's!! Amazing service!